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City man facing drug charges

November 4th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

On Saturday officers from the Cumberland City Police Department responded to the Cumberland Outdoor Club for a disturbance in the parking lot.   When officers arrived at the location they identified Wesley Scott McIntyre as the subject causing the disturbance.   McIntyre was yelling and cussing as the officers approached him in the parking lot.   McIntyre was very intoxicated and continued to yell despite several warnings by the officers.   McIntyre was advised by the officers to stop or he would be arrested.   McIntyre refused to listen to the officers and he was advised that he was under arrest.   While attempting to place McIntyre under arrest he resisted the officer's attempts to place him in cuffs.   Once McIntyre was placed under arrest he assaulted an officer by kicking him in the leg.   While officers were attempting to gain control over McIntyre, he fell into the police cruiser breaking the passenger side mirror.   While searching McIntyre incident to arrest, officers located a silver container in his pocket that contained six yellow pills that were later identified as Clonazepam a scheduled narcotic.   Witnesses on the scene, told officers that the bartenders refused to serve McIntyre anymore alcohol due to his intoxication level.   Witnesses also told officers that McIntyre allegedly assaulted a female and was trying to instigate fights with other patrons.   McIntyre was later transported to the Cumberland City Police Department for processing.    At the time of the release McIntyre was awaiting his initial appearance at District Court.

Arrested: Wesley Scott McIntyre                               Age: 48 of Cumberland, Maryland Charges: Assault on Police, Destruction of Property, Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Obey, Resisting Arrest and Possession of CDS.



One Response to “City man facing drug charges”

  1. November 04, 2012 at 11:54 pm, W. Scott McIntyre said:

    leave it to Cumberland to blow things way out of proportion. Nice. Clonazepam are perscribed for panic attacks, and anxiety. Of course it makes for a much better read with that headline. And it would be Mr. McIntyre. Lots of allegedly and hear say. No blood alcohol levels. Much apologies to the ODC, I was guilty of having way to much fun after the big game. Congrads to Fort Hill by the way. As for the female, it was a friend of mine, and we were just goofing about. Love you all and God Bless.


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