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Cumberland City Council Candidates Discuss Memorial Hospital

October 24th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

All three candidates running for a seat on Cumberland’s City Council believe that the city could have handled the former Memorial Hospital situation better – however all three also agree that the current plan to demolish the building is the correct path to take.  It was one of a myriad of questions given to the candidates during a public forum Monday night at Allegany College of Maryland – sponsored by WCBC Radio and the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce.  Initially the city council entered into a lease arrangement with a developer, who did secure a number of tenants for the facility – however the venture fell short of fiscal projections and is costing the city $250,000 annually to maintain. Earlier this year the decision was made to demolish the structure – however that carried an estimated $3.5 million price tag. Candidate Nicole Wagoner said she believes the project could have been marketed better- however at this point demolition seems to be the best option…

Candidate David Caporale echoed those sentiments…

Candidate John Cline made it unanimous…

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