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December 28th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

On December 27, 2011 at 12:18 A.M. officers from the Cumberland City Police Department responded to 25 Grand Avenue for a domestic disturbance.   When officers arrived at the residence contact was made with the complainant.   During an investigation into the matter officers learned from the complainant that his live in girlfriend was yelling and throwing items throughout the residence.   Officers were able to make contact with, Kimberly Sue Haines who was inside the residence.   Haines admitted to the officers that she was yelling at her boyfriend which prompted a call to the police.   Before clearing the residence, officers informed the complainant and Ms. Haines to refrain from any further disturbances.


On December 27, 2011 at 12:49 A.M. officers were dispatched back to 25 Grand Avenue for a second domestic disturbance.   Officers received additional information that Ms. Haines was outside the residence breaking down the front door.   When officers arrived back at the residence they observed glass and the front door to be broken.   As officers approached the residence they could hear Ms. Haines yelling and cursing.   Contact was made with the complainant who stated that he had been assaulted by Ms. Haines.   Officers were able to observe injuries on the victim as a result of the alleged assault.   Ms. Haines was placed under arrest and transported to the Cumberland City Police Department for processing.


As a result of the arrest, Kimberly Sue Haines was charged with, assault 2nd, disorderly conduct and fail to obey.   Haines was taken before the District Court Commissioner and later released on her own recognizance.


Arrested: Kimberly Sue Haines                                 Age: 25 of Cumberland, Maryland


CDS Arrest


On December 27, 2011 an officer from the Cumberland City Police Department was on patrol in the area of Front Street, when he observed a vehicle travel the wrong way on Baltimore Avenue.  The officer also observed the vehicle travel through a red light without stopping.   Based on the violations, the officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted the operator.   During the course of the stop, the officer observed behavior that indicated the probability that the driver or the occupants may be concealing contraband.   The officer then requested the Cumberland Police Departments K-9 officer to respond to his location and perform a drug scan on the vehicle.   The drug scan was conducted and resulted in a positive alert for the presence or odor of drugs.   Both occupants were asked to step from the vehicle while the officers conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle.   During a search of the vehicle and the passenger, officers where handed a pack of cigarettes by the front seat passenger.   The passenger, John Felix Olszewski informed the officers that the cigarette pack contained a marijuana cigarette commonly known as a joint.   Mr. Olszewski was placed under arrest and transported to the Cumberland City Police Department for processing.


As a result of the arrest, John Felix Olszewski was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.   Olszewski was taken before the District Court Commissioner and later released on his own recognizance.


Arrested: John Felix Olszewski                                 Age: 20 of McKees Rock, Pennsylvania  


Arrest Warrants Served


John Tyler Brennan                       Age: 19                        Bedford Road, Cumberland MD


Charge: Reckless Endangerment, Disorderly Conduct, Affray

Brennan was taken for a bond hearing and held in the ACDC on a $8,500 bond.



Donald Christopher Jones             Age: 25                         Grantley Street, Baltimore MD


Charge: Bench Warrant Fail to Appear


Jones was taken to the ACDC and held without.




Robert Edward Lee Wilkinson      Age: 50                          Cresap Mill Road, Oldtown MD


Charge: Bench Warrant Violation of Probation


Wilkinson was taken for a bond hearing and later released after posting a bond of $257.50.






Criminal Summons Served




Andrew Cain Baldwin                    Age: 23                           Humbird Street, Cumberland MD


Charge: Two counts of Assault 2nd


Baldwin was released after service




Charles Frederick Lucas 3rd            Age: 29                           Decatur Street, Cumberland MD


Charge: Burglary 4th


Lucas was released after service




Cassie Lynn Gray                            Age: 21                           Ridgeway Terrace, Cumberland MD              


Charge: Resisting Arrest, Assault on Police, Alcoholic Beverage-Endanger


Gray was released after service







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