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Maryland Senate Debating On State Budget

March 7th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Senate President Mike Miller explaining the options that are on the table this week as the senate is now in debate on the state budget- including the so-called  “dooms day” budget. State analysts have outlined nearly $800 million in additional budget cuts to fill budget gaps in case lawmakers can't agree on new taxes or savings. Warren Deschenaux, director of the state's Office of Policy Analysis, presented a wide-ranging variety of cuts on Tuesday that would impact education, health, environmental programs and state agencies. It's being described as a "doomsday" budget plan. A big piece could come from eliminating the Geographic Cost of Education Index, which would save about $129 million. The GCEI helps areas where schooling costs more. Eliminating 500 state jobs would save another $30 million. Miller says that the state is trying to not only balance this year's books, but also reduce an ongoing structural budget deficit of about $1.1 billion by half…

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