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Absenteeism Concern In Mineral County

October 17th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

The Mineral Tribune reports a bus operator for the Mineral County School System asked the Board of Education Tuesday to consider developing an absenteeism policy which would target habitual offenders but not punish those who do not abuse the system. Lantz Evans noted that the board members have spent much time in recent years discussing absenteeism and how it affects the county’s budget – especially when the county has to pay the employee who is absent but also pay a substitute to take that employee’s place. His fear, he said, is that escalating costs will cause the loss of benefits for all the county’s employees. Evans suggested forming a committee composed of professional and service personnel to meet once a month and discuss ways to help curtail the problem of habitual absences. One problem that has been much discussed involves the unofficial “dock days,” or days which employees would request off without pay

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