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Allegany County Animal Shelter Facing Challenges

February 2nd, 2012 by WCBC Radio

An aging, inadequate facility and a shortage of staff are the biggest challenges for management at the Allegany County Animal Shelter. The shelter operation has come under fire in recent months, including a report this week that cages aren’t being cleaned and animals are not receiving food and water in a timely manner. Emergency Services oversees the shelter. EMS Director Dick Devore tells WCBC News that a combination of a capacity shelter, too few staffers and a desire to avoid putting down any cats and dogs- can lead to some of the problems that have been identified…

3 Responses to “Allegany County Animal Shelter Facing Challenges”

  1. February 02, 2012 at 12:00 pm, Randy Daniels said:

    When you have a Part time Kennel Tech (Pooper Scooper) spreading lies, rumors, half truths, and upsetting the volunteers and members of the public we would not have this current problem


    • February 03, 2012 at 10:13 am, Jodi Sweitzer said:

      > I find it ironic that someone who wants to complain about supposed lies and rumors hides behind fake names so much.

      No one has stated that the shelter is perfect, but it’s far better off than what it use to be! Amazing how we never saw these types of complaints from you while the animals were being killed. One animal, every two hours of operation, on average.

      Before the former director resigned, my friend and I transported a dog and her pups to rescue. When I walked in the door, I almost had to immediately turn around because the smell of feces was staunch. You weren’t crying out then about cleanliness. If you don’t like the fact that dogs are in their kennels until someone gets there to clean them in the morning, I’m sure your help in cleaning would be greatly appreciated!


  2. February 02, 2012 at 4:47 pm, Marc Bochy said:

    Most of this is from a prior not I made on Facebook on January 12′th.
    A year ago (Plus) now we stoped the killling at the shelter. Queen City Animal Rescue, Charm City Animal Rescue and 100′s from the public. Most all the animals, 1000′s of them were KILLED for no reason. They were neglected the few days or hours they had to live. Some things I will not even post. I dought any had people takeing them for a walk in decades of the shelter history. Or any human intervention untilll they were KILLED. (I was their in the 80′s, Made me sick to my stomach, I was shocked that people could be that evil for no reason at all and I left because at the time there was no recorse) There was no attempt to find homes for them. Well after we stepped in 30 years later, some people said it would fail in a few months and so they kept quiet. Some where the same people that feel all the Pitbullls and Pit Mixed should be KILLED as they are brought in. Some want all the stray cats KILLED. A few months went by, then a few more. Not only did it not fail but kept improving week by week. The public has been behind us all the way. The shelter was lucky enough to get a man (And his family) Karl Brubaker that are compassionate about the shelter. Everyone loves them and stands behind them. We welcome the public to come out and walk around and see how well the animals are taken care of. Every week for a year these same people (And I put them on the level of the person killing the cats at the park) have had to look at the Cumberland Times and see how great it is at the shelter, all the schools, the public and kids raising money. Then we just had Peter Masloch win a national award for the NoKill movement. A week later Dick DeVore wins man of the year because of his efforts at the shelter. We had a bennifit and it was a traffic jam at times as the public brought in 3 and 1/2 TONS of food amoung so many other things we had to store them off site. Pretty much every week there is another improvement. 100′s of times better than the run down dump that it was. I cant imagine reverting it back to the horror site that it was where they had no reason to give them food or water because they would kill them painfully in a few days anyway.


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