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Allegany Emergency Services announces series of promotions

October 15th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Department of Emergency Services has seen many changes in 2019 and staffing continues to change with the promotion of four paramedics to the rank of lieutenant effective Sunday, October 13, according to officials.


“We are incredibly thankful to be able to add these four positions to our growing EMS Division in Allegany County,” Emergency Services Director James Pyles said. “These first four clinicians are making history as the first EMS Lieutenants for the department.”


Pyles added that part-time advanced life support providers have transitioned to full-time status and there will be no lapse in coverage to the DES services provided.


Pyles said that Todd Bowman, Matt Doman, Matt Krause and Mike Salvadge have accepted offer letters starting on their assigned shifts Monday, October 14.


“Each Lieutenant is assigned to a 24 hour shift, off for three day rotation,” Pyles said. “They will be stationed at LaVale Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 (upper LaVale) and responding on all high priority calls; cardiac and respiratory arrests; crashes involving buses, trains, planes or multiple vehicles; and any incident that they are specifically requested by a field unit.”


Our goal is to add additional operational support to our field clinicians both career and volunteer to strengthen the EMS system in Allegany County, Pyles emphasized.  


“I wanted to thank the Allegany County Commissioners for approving these additions and for continuing to support emergency services in Allegany County,” Pyles said. “The EMS Division is a vital resource and we most continue to make the system stronger.”


Lt. Matt Doman


Doman, a paramedic for 19 years has worked in emergency services and commercial based critical care services in and around Allegany County. He is a resident of Mineral County, where he lives with wife Shannon and children Gracie and Taylor.


“Working for Allegany County has been a great experience. With the large influx of recent staffing, I wanted to get involved in the early stages to make the county DES system a reputable and dependable service to residents and travelers we serve,” Doman said.


Doman obtained his paramedic certification from the Garrett College.






Lt. Matt Krause


Krause, a resident of Garrett County was born in Los Angeles, Ca. and raised in Silver Spring, brings 18 years of experience to Allegany County. He has been a nationally registered paramedic for 12 years.


In addition to Krause’s EMS experience, he is a swift water and ice rescue instructor with an emphasis on public safety and commercial diving.


“After working 10 years with Frostburg Area Ambulance Service, it was only natural to continue on with Allegany County DES when they took over the EMS service in Frostburg in 2017 and continue serving the citizens of Frostburg and Allegany County,” Krause said.


Lt. Mike Salvadge


Salvadge, a U.S. Navy Veteran, brings over 25 years of fire and EMS services to Allegany County. Born and raised in Galeton, Pa., he lives with his wife, Erin and sons in the Cumberland area. After serving in the U.S. Navy for seven years, he transitioned to the Cumberland Fire Department.


He obtained his paramedic certification from Garrett College and continues as a lead instructor with the paramedic program. Salvadge has a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science through the University of Maryland University College. He also worked for the University of Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute at College Park as a Maryland State Advance Life Support Coordinator/Lecturer.


“I have had the pleasure of operating on the Allegany County Special Operations Team for water rescue, the Cumberland Fire Department and Maryland State Police Aviation HEAT Team,” Salvadge said. “I was one of the founding members of the Cumberland police Department CERT team as a tactical paramedic. We received training at Howard County Training Facility in conjunction with the John’s Hopkins Hospital.”


Lt. Todd Bowman


Bowman, an Allegany County native obtained his paramedic education from Hagerstown Community College. He worked in rural and metro portions of Washington County for 12 years. During that time, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, W.Va. Bowman also worked at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. as a critical care paramedic.


Bowman obtained his first EMS certification at age 16 and continued with his paramedic certification in 2007.


“Early in my career co-workers never believed I would be able to merge my two passions: EMS and journalism into a career,” Bowman said. “It has been a great experience so far and plan to continue that serving the citizens of Allegany County.”


“We are extremely lucky to have a talented, educated and well-rounded paramedic working for DES,” Pyles said. “Todd moved away for a few years to continue his education and returned to the county he was raised in and loves to continue doing the work he loves.”


The diversity in education, training, experience, both career and life that the four lieutenants bring is such an asset to this department and we are looking to the future for advancements, pilot EMS programs and continuing education for staff and volunteers, Pyles said.

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