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Arrests for Credit Card Fraud in Hagerstown

September 15th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

(Hagerstown)- Keen observation by a citizen and quick police action leads to 4 felony theft arrests from local business.

On Friday September 12, 2014 at approximately 8:30 PM, Troopers from the Hagerstown Barrack responded to Resley Tire, Hagerstown, for a suspicious situation. An employee from the business stated he received a telephone order for nearly $4000 in tires. The caller stated he would be sending someone to pick up the tires. After the tires were loaded into a commercial rental truck the employee asked for signatures and identification. The 2 males who came to retrieve the tires then sped from the scene without giving any identification.

A lookout for the rental vehicle was broadcast to surrounding law enforcement to locate the vehicle for questioning. An alert citizen who was monitoring a police scanner heard the broadcast. The citizen observed the vehicle parked at the Big Pool Exxon and alerted nearby Troopers. The truck was backed up to another commercial rental truck transferring the tires. Troopers quickly responded and located 3 males and 1 female who were near the suspicious trucks. They were identified as Dameon Dobyne 37, Chicago IL, Juvanna Johonson 29, Chicago IL, Calvin Johnson 30, no fixed address, and Uriah Cooper 37, no fixed address.

While the investigation is continuing, police have uncovered an elaborate credit card theft scheme. Thieves are using stolen accounts and purchasing items by phone under the card holder’s name. They then respond to the businesses to pick up the items that have been paid for using the stolen information. The purchased items are later sold or traded to further the criminal enterprise.

Troopers think they have only scratched the surface with these arrests. They believe multiple states and business may have been the victims of these thieves. Police will be continuing with the investigation and caution all citizens to guard their personal and account information.

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