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As Super Bowl Looms, Maryland Casinos Seek Share Of Sports Betting Market

February 4th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Casinos in Maryland and other states are seeking a share of a growing sports betting market that remains tantalizingly out of reach — for now — because a federal ban leaves fans to wager billions of dollars with offshore companies instead. To many casinos outside of Nevada, Sunday's Super Bowl is an unpleasant reminder that while they lobby for the ban's repeal online sites in the Caribbean and elsewhere are hauling in vast sums on sports wagers. Fans can bet on Sunday's winning team, coin toss and hair color of halftime performer Lady Gaga. Some sites provide a steady stream of odds allowing real-time betting on the outcome of individual plays. While the novelty bets might seem frivolous — one site asks what color sports drink will douse the winning coach — there is nothing trivial about the amount fans spend on sports wagers, which appeal to America's fondness for gambling, spectator sports and instant results

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