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Bear kills on roadways on the rise

July 29th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Times News reports another half-dozen bears have perished on Maryland roadways. The number of bears to die on the state's highways so far in 2016 has risen to 26 with the death of a 40-pound female bear on July 13 on state Route 51 at Town Creek, according to an unofficial count maintained by the Cumberland Times-News.

On July 22, a 125-pound male bear was killed on Shady Dell Road in the Pleasant Valley area.

Also on July 22, on Mayhew Inn Road in Garrett County, a 15-pound female cub died.

On July 24, a male bear weighing 125 pounds, was hit and killed on Interstate 68 not far from its junction with Interstate 70 in Washington County.


On July 26, a 100-pound male bear was discovered dead along Cash Valley Road in Allegany County. Although Clarissa Harris of the Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service says the cause of death is unknown, the newspaper is counting it as a road kill because bears can be struck and move a distance before expiring.

On July 27, in St. Mary's County, a 95-pound male bear was struck and killed. Harry Spiker of WHS speculates that the bear may have swum across the Potomac River from Virginia to reach the Southern Maryland county. "We had one report of a bear in  St. Mary's County a couple weeks prior and nothing since then. We've had it happen before where a bear has come across the river in that region."

In addition to the road kills, an 86-pound male bear near Accident with severe mange was put down by the agency.

To report bear incidents in Garrett County, call WHS at 301-334-4255. In Allegany County call 301-777-2136.

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