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Board Numbers Show Rise in Distance Learning

April 30th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Distance learning, or Continuity of Learning, has seen its usage by Allegany County students and parents increase dramatically since it was first rolled out just a few weeks ago. To slow the spread of COVID-19, all Maryland public schools closed in mid-March at the direction of  Karen Salmon, state superintendent of schools. Under guidance from the state education department, school systems across the state began providing remote instruction for students, as well as learning packets for pupils without access to the internet. During this month’s regular Allegany County School Board meeting,  Chief Academic Officer Kim Kalbaugh presented  an overview of the program showing a steady rise in the numbers…

2 Responses to “Board Numbers Show Rise in Distance Learning”

  1. April 30, 2020 at 9:29 am, Bill said:

    Distance learning is an awesome tool and has been used quite a while in education. Unfortunately, all of our students do Not have the capability to utilize this very effective learning method for the sole reason that neither internet providing companies, nor our government, officials are doing Anything to upgrade the the old, antiquated lines carrying the signal. Whatever happened to the MILLIONS of dollars the government provided, Not to be repaid, and Mandated that every dollar was to be spent on providing high speed internet to RURAL communities? Our children, with their school work, are Not the only people affected by this grossly inadequate internet system. “Work from home” workers are, quite often, unable to do that work solely because the internet service is so weak and undependable. Our communities have been seeing article after article about internet service upgrades, Again, for outlying areas. But, Nothing ever happens. Government officials, serve your constituents, even rural ones. Internet providing companies, stop putting your profits ahead of ALL your customers. I have actually been told by a chief executive of our internet provider that there are NO plans to upgrade our internet services simply because there are “not enough houses per mile for it to be worth our investment dollars”! So tired of all the talk and promises that never happen. Can’t ANY of our “big wheels” start caring about non-city dwellers around here instead of just pandering for votes, money, or media coverage.? AMAZINGLY, I pay a Surcharge on my monthly internet service bill to provide internet services to outlying communities. The irony is that I’m paying, and the government paid, for a service that me, and a lot of other people, are Not getting. Unacceptable, and it has been for years.


  2. April 30, 2020 at 9:41 am, Bill said:

    Now, provide high speed internet to outlying areas so that the children that live there can take advantage of these distance learning, internet provided, service too. ALL children should have access to distance learning, not just urban inhabiting children. How can our leaders, and our internet providers, be ok with providing services to inner city students but not those who live outside the city? Almost seems like there should be laws in place to insure equal education opportunities to ALL of a community’s children. This has been a LONG term problem for many Allegany County residents.


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