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Board of Education Discusses Deep Cuts for Budget

June 4th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Faced with the prospect of reducing its proposed  FY ’15 budget by more than three million dollars- the Allegany County Board of Education, for close to three hours Tuesday, discussed a wide range of cuts impacting everything from pre kindergarten to retiree subsidies. Among the suggested items generating the most discussion last night: a participation fee of $25 per sport for athletics; elimination of the outdoor program as well as after school programs; and reducing the number of security officers hired just last year.  Those were some of the recommendations on the table, in lieu of the other option of dramatically cutting into the school board’s reserve fund. There is concern that growing dependence on the reserve fund to help balance the budget will continue- leaving the fund completely depleted in just a few years. Board member Ed Root voiced strong opposition to some of the proposed cuts- but acknowledged putting them off another year could put the board in an even tighter fiscal crunch next year.

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