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Board Of Education Receives Mock-Up Calendar Reflecting Post Labor Day School Start

September 14th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

In response to Governor Larry Hogan’s recent executive order mandating that the school year begin after Labor Day and end no later than June 15th – the Allegany County Board of Education received a mock-up calendar on Tuesday showing what the modified school year could look like locally.  Although the governor’s order is still subject to an attorney general’s review as well as scrutiny from the general assembly, School Superintendent Dr David Cox said he felt it important to provide the board and the public with a preview of what could be in store next year for the local school system. Cox noted that while this school year for students began August 23rd, under the governor’s plan, 2017-2018 would not start until September 5th.  He says that will lead to a loss of instructional time…


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