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Board Still Searching for Answer to $6 Million Question

May 2nd, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Back in February, the Allegany County Board of Education learned that there might be a need for an additional $6 million plus for the proposed new Allegany High School- but board president Laurie Marchini cautioned that those are just estimates and there is no official bottom line in place just yet. Three months ago architects displayed blueprints of the new school with an updated price estimate of $42.3 million leaving school board officials short $6.2 million over the original budget. Early cost projections for the project came in at $36.3 million. The $6.2 million increase in cost places school board officials in a tight spot by forcing them to consider scaling back the facility. Marchini says while its easy for some critics to pick apart the school board’s budget and identify the $6 million by shifting some funds around- that scenario is not a realistic one. She says the board does not have additional dollars available to fill the potential funding gap…


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