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BoE Did Not Violate Open Meetings Act Rules Compliance Board

March 26th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

A legal opinion issued by the state has apparently exonerated the Allegany County Board of Education of allegations of violating the Open Meetings Act. It was during the first meeting of the newly sworn in School Board in early January that the board took action during an announced executive session to elect new officers; and to make a change with the board’s legal counsel.   While both matters had been listed as being on the agenda for a later, public session that same day, the board opted instead to take action at the earlier meeting. Technically the vote to elect new officers was taken during a brief open session- however it was not listed as an action item on the agenda for that session- instead listed as the agenda for the later public session.   As a result, a number of those in attendance at the later meeting voiced concern, complaining of what they viewed as a lack of transparency by the board. One citizen chose to take it a step further and filed a formal complaint to the state. WCBC News has obtained a letter from the state with a ruling from the Compliance Board stating in summary that the local board did not violate the Open Meetings Act in either instance.

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