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BoE Might Have To Pass Up Higher Education Opportunity Program

March 23rd, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Faced with a serious budget crunch, it appears as though the Allegany County Board of Education might have to pass up on participating in a higher education opportunity program- even though it only carries a price tag of $17,000. The board has adopted a budget of more than $111 million dollars- and will be asking the county commissioners for an additional $1.1 million above last year’s allocation during a budget presentation today. The program in question- the “Lead Higher Initiative”- attempts to close equity gaps for lower income students and students of color in high school advanced placement courses. The fact that $17,000 can’t be committed for the program is perhaps the clearest indicator to date that the board’s fiscal challenges are growing.  School Board vice president Sara Beth Bittinger…


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