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BOE Vice President Expects Board to Consider Measures to Address “Disrupted Learning” Soon

January 29th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

While school systems across Maryland are working feverishly to return kids to the classrooms by March 1st, school boards face an even more daunting challenge of dealing with what is being called “disrupted learning”. That is the phrase state education officials have given to the amount of learning that has been lost by students during the Coronavirus pandemic. Following almost a year of no in-person instruction, there are estimates that some kids may be nine months or a year behind where they normally would have been. Some of the options being considered to overcome “disrupted learning” include summer programs, a longer school year or even year-round schooling. Allegany County Board of Education Vice President Robert Farrell tells WCBC News that the board hasn’t had any in-depth discussion on that subject yet but he anticipates those talks to being in the very near future…