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BoE Votes To Approve 2017 Master Plan For School Facilities

June 21st, 2017 by WCBC Radio

In a special session that lasted less than 20 minutes, the Allegany County Board of Education unanimously approved the 2017 Master Plan for School Facilities- but there were a few questions. After some brief analysis of the teacher to student ratios defined in the plan, the subject moved to the ratings used concerning the conditions of the buildings. Board President Laurie Marchini said she was concerned when she read state evaluations of the existing Allegany High School as “good” or “superior”…


In reality the oldest high school in the state is considered to be less than adequate structurally which is in part how the board was able to secure state funding to build a new Allegany.  Director of Facilities Vince Montana said the state standards require only that the building is maintained as close as possible to new condition…


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