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Bohn Expects to be Target of Board’s Censure at Meeting

May 19th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Board of Education Member Dr. David Bohn says he won’t be surprised if he is the subject of censure at today’s closed meeting of the school board.

Dr. Bohn made his comments during an appearance Monday on WCBC’s Dave Norman Morning Show…

The special meeting is scheduled to be held virtually at 10 AM.

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  1. mac:

    Just one more step in Tammy’s sinister program of total domination over the Board of Education.
    The special meeting will be held virtually as Tammy will be hiding in her secret lair.

  2. hollywood:

    Good one Mac.

  3. Kasey:

    Perhaps Bohn should abide by his obligations for confidentiality.

  4. Outsider:

    Wow, I thought Dr. Bohn was the great unifyer! Guess not.

  5. Dan:

    Tammy Fraley needs removed from the board. She is trouble, nothing more.

  6. Jason:

    I received a mail-in ballot today and since I’m Unaffiliated, the only candidates I could vote for were the local school board.

    I promptly placed the ballot in my bathroom and it’s waiting for me to “mark my choices” later. I’m 100% confident it’ll get more done in my bathroom with nowhere near the amount of infighting and nonsense than anyone elected to that board.

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