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BREAKING: Parrott, Others, File Suit Against Hogan For COVID-19 Orders.

May 2nd, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Delegate Neil Parrott, a Republican from Washington County and candidate for the party's 6th District Congressional nomination, has filed suit in Federal District Court in Baltimore, challenging fellow Republican Larry Hogan's ability to issue long term executive orders, such as the ones which have defined life in Maryland since the middle of March.

Parrott told WCBC's Paul Mullan that plaintiffs in the lawsuit include other delegates, small businesses and churches…

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  1. Georgene McLaughlin:

    Thank you – finally people are stepping up – and calling this out. I support this action.

  2. jim:


  3. Peter:

    Sure, why not. Yesterday Maryland had a new record with 1730 new Covid19 infections. I guess that is not enough for Parrott. Those idiots are trying very hard to get us all killed.

  4. mac:

    It’s really unfortunate that this is considered “news”.
    Parrott’s only reason for filing this frivolous suit is to get media attention. He hopes to win favor with the MAGA, nazi, Trump crowd.
    Try to ignore him and he will fade back into the woodwork like the other lower forms of life.

  5. Joe Wellberg:

    For weeks some type of lawsuit would be issued. I hope some court forcibly ends the shutdown and those who don’t like it are showing they are terrorist and mentally insane

  6. jake carter:

    here are some facts, 90% of maryland covid deaths are people over the age of 65. Over 500 deaths were nursing home residents. There are currently about 1800 marylanders in hospitals with covid.
    There are over 6.5 million people living in maryland.
    Do you really think the millions without jobs the increase in domestic violence increase in substance abuse increase in calls to suicide lines is worth the total shut down of the state?
    Do the math and maybe you might have a more clear view.
    Maybe where anger should lie is with the state govt who have failed our seniors in nursing homes who account for over half the states dead from covid. They knew in March this effects these vulnerable citizens more than anyone but the state did nothing to protect them.

  7. Bob:

    Toe the line! Heil Hogan!

  8. Jay:

    Sure Joe. Many of us are terrorists and mentally insane because we want to do everything we can to prevent disease and death. Color me an insane terrorist.

  9. Jay:

    Cool Jim. Get your MAGA hat, confederate and nazi flags, your cam outfit and AR-!5 and meet me down at the state house in Annapolis. We’ll shoot this damn virus and then demand that the malls open.

  10. Kevin:

    > Neal always was an idiot.

  11. Toast:

    Y’all MF-ers one some pack, ain’t ya? This is the bloodiest comment section I’ve seen on this site. Ripping each other apart like this? Shame on all of you! Especially you, Mac!

  12. mac:

    I’ve seen the light. I realize now that I was looking at this situation all wrong.
    We should open all businesses and meeting places right away.
    Please everyone, get out there and shake hands again, cough and sneeze on each other. Give a big high five and a chest bump.
    I’ll just stay here for another 3 or 4 weeks and by that time all of those happy people should be well on their way to being dead.
    Remember, we’re all in this together.

  13. David:

    Not a logical coherent comment in this entire section. Just a bunch of ad hominem attacks and emotional appeals. Sad, truly sad.

  14. mac:

    > Hey pard, if you can’t stand up with the men you just go back and sit with the women.

  15. David:

    No Mac, men don’t use this kind of logic, children do.

  16. Jay:

    Are you talking about Trump?

  17. mac:

    > Well, I guess you told me.

  18. David:

    Point proven. And yes Jay Trump is symptomatic of all of this. It is like being on the playground in elementary school all over again. Name calling, dirt throwing and not a fact or logical argument on the whole thread.

  19. mac:

    > Let’s all hold hands with David and sing Kumbaya.

  20. Carolyn:

    What the hell is wrong with you people. If you have something to say and I don’t appreciate you using Nazi in your conversation, use facts, listen to the scientist, Doctors and people with the facts, name calling you all sound like idiots and uneducated at that.
    Every body has an opinion but your verbiage is a little to childish. State documented facts.

  21. mac:

    > Looks like we’ll have to add Carolyn to our little sing-a-long.

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