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Buckel Responds To Kelly Accusations

November 2nd, 2014 by WCBC Radio

On the eve of the election, AFCSME Local 898, which has endorsed District 1 B Delegate Kevin Kelly, has purchased newspaper advertising concerning a quickly resolved domestic incident his Republican opponent, Jason Buckel, was a party to.

The Buckel Campaign issued the following statement:

"Almost 11 years ago, my wife and I had a private verbal argument.  At no poin in time did I ever physically assault or injure my then-wife, either in this incident, or at any other time.  I have never done such a thing to any woman, and I never would. In a highly upset and agitated state, my then-wife made a written statement which was exaggerated and inaccurate.  Almost immediately, she withdrew that statement and truthfully indicated that no form of physical assault took place.

This was an embarrassing incident for both of us, but it was a very minor private matter which was quickly and truthfully put to rest.  Kevin Kelly, the master of dirty politics in Allegany County, attempted to intimidate me many months ago to keep me out of this campaign for a better future for Allegany County by revealing that he was aware of this exaggerated incident from long ago, and that he intended to unfairly use it as part of a negative personal smear attack.  While my wife and I were divorced in 2013, we remain close and she has provided a written affidavit proving that this incident did not involve any form of assault and was an embarrassing mistake for the both of us as private citizens over a decade ago.  A copy of her affidavit is attached hereto and it proves that I did nothing improper.  As you can see from the affidavit and will hear in her own words in a statement she has provided to local radio outlets, my ex-wife and I are both disgusted by Delegate Kelly's hurtful, false, and misleading attacks on this issue.  He is desperate to change the topic from his 28 year record of failure and irrelevance and desparate to save his paycheck.  My ex-wife Malia, our family and I stand united to set the record straight and against Delegate Kelly's dirty political tricks."

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