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Candidates For BoE Discuss Superintendents Performance

October 7th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

There are three candidates running for two seats on the Allegany County Board of Education- and one of those had made it clear that if elected, she will work to see that School Superintendent David Cox does not have his contract re-newed. Candidate Loralee Farrell, a former board employee who saw her job downsized and her husband’s position eliminated as a result of recommendations from Cox, told WCBC News she doesn’t believe the system is thriving under his leadership. Incumbent Nick Hadley, seeking a second term on the board, tells WCBC News that the superintendent is thoroughly evaluated by the board annually- and he has been satisfied with those performance evaluations…


Candidate Tammy Fraley, noting that she obviously has not been part of those evaluations and doesn’t get to observe Cox on a day to day basis- it would be premature for her to offer a grade of his performance…


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