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Caporale Expects Resolution of Safety Concerns Before Railbiking Season Begins

April 13th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Despite some last-minute concerns expressed by members of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad board of directors, Allegany County Commissioner Dave Caporale believes plans to have pedal car excursions should go on as scheduled. Tracks and Yaks, a company offering pedal-powered rail bike rides, is expected to begin operating in May on tracks between the Frostburg Depot and the Cash Valley Road area in LaVale. At a meeting in March, company representatives and county officials said they would accommodate the WMSR schedule. However, the railroad board has not signed off on the proposal. Board member Bob Flanigan said that ultimately the Federal Railroad Administration has the final say — and there have been some preliminary safety concerns on the table. Caporale, a board member of the railroad board, tells WCBC News that those issues did not arise until the last moment, but he his is optimistic any potential conflicts can be resolved…