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CEDC Board rejects merger with County

May 12th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors voted 4-0 with two members abstaining Tuesday after to reject  a revised memorandum of understanding to merge with Allegany County's Economic Development Department. Board members Ray Morriss, mayor of Cumberland, and Cynthia Bambara, president of Allegany College abstained. 

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  1. Steve:

    GREAT!! Kick them to the curb, let it go. There is more to this than the public knows. Morriss should NOT be on the board to begin with. I feel this goes deep & the truth may or may not ever be known. Can’t wait until the next election.

  2. Homeowner:

    Localities will be struggling for the next several years to fund basic governmental functions like police, fire, and roads… Is dumping $1.2 million annually into the CEDC clown show really the best use of tax dollars?

    Pull the plug already.

  3. Ken:

    Title should read “CEDC Refuses to Give Up Power to Merge With County”… For Allegany County outside of Cumberland this is great news! This consolidation was a disaster from the start. Add this to the list of projects Kelly and Miller failed to complete!

  4. Ken:

    Can’t believe Dave just called the Kelly and Miller circus “the brightest minds in local government”. What economic development have they created? What project have they completed? All they have done is gone around town tearing up the city without any progress they promise, all while increasing their power.

  5. Ed Dodrill:

    Probably for the best. The CEDC would have been working more for the county.

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