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Chain Reaction Collision On I-81 South On Sunday

December 9th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

At approximately 1130 Sunday a chain reaction collision occurred on I-81 South Bound at Salem Ave(Rt 58).  As vehicles slid off the road on the icy roadway, a tractor trailer drove into the median to avoid the vehicles spun out in the road. A second tractor trailer struck the first in the side splitting the trailer and dumping the load on the road.

  That collision caused several other tractor trailers to run off the road and jack knife in the road way.

   Troopers arrived to find multiple collisions due to the first events and will be treating each as a separate accident. There were approximately 12-15 separate accidents involving 20 plus vehicles.  While many vehicles were pulled out and drivable, multiple heavy duty and conventional tow trucks responded to help clear the roadway.

   I-81 North and South were closed for approximately 3 hours due to the road being blocked. I-81North was opened up shortly after 3 pm and I-81 South opened after 4 pm.

   Several vehicles that spun out off the roadway or median will be left unattended until they can be safely removed at a later time.

  State Police strongly recommend that motorists please stay off the roads to allow State Highway time to properly treat and plow.

   Multiple collisions are being reported on I-70, I-81, and I-68 in Washington County, MD.


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