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Charges Filed For Malicious Burning of Cumberland Playground

July 30th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Western Regional Office of the State Fire Marshal has filed charges in connection with the burning of a community playground in Cumberland that resulted in approximately $12,000 in damages.

Three juveniles, ages 14 and under, were referred to the Department of Juvenile Services for Malicious Burning in the First Degree, after setting fire to a playground on 202 Memorial Avenue, property of the Cumberland City Housing Authority. The Cumberland Fire Department reported to the call on Friday, August 24 at 3:00 p.m., when a nearby resident witnessed the flames and attempted to extinguish it themselves. Video surveillance footage later revealed the juveniles utilizing lighters and paper to ignite the rubber footing around the playground.

All three juveniles were unharmed during the event and are currently in the custody of their parents and/or guardians. 

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  1. Steve:

    Let’s keep providing these folks more stuff

  2. Ken:

    > Steve said:

    > Let’s keep providing these folks more stuff

    Do you feel that way because of a few bad apples? Pretty sure you can some in every neighborhood.

  3. Steve:

    Look where it is at….do you know how much taxpayer money goes there, resources like Security & Police. Maybe you don’t pay taxes. Grants & Funds come from taxpayer money. There is no money tree!!!

  4. Mark:

    > Deprive a whole neighborhood of kids a playground because of 3 kids! Typical Republican thinking, all about hate & punishment and hurting others, including innocent children.

  5. Mark:

    > And how much tax money does your area suck up?? oh that’s right, you’re ‘entitled’ to our tax money, others aren’t!!

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