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City Council To Take Up Firemans Contract Issue Tuesday

August 30th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The negotiated agreement between the City of Cumberland and Firefighters Local 1715 may come down to a vote by City Council on Tuesday evening.

Union President Ken McKenzie tells WCBC News the firefighters have requested one more meeting with city officials to insure both parties are working with the same document before he takes a vote from his membership.

Instead of the additional meeting, the city could opt to declare that the mediation efforts failed and to proceed to a fact finding provision.

McKenzie says the union has made several concessions in the negotiated agreement, including waiving the 13 man crew requirement in favor of staffing levels determined by the fire chief, allowing the potential for volunteer and part time members of the department, and agreeing to a change in insurance carriers.

The sticking point appears to be the effective date of a 1% bonus and 1% cost of living increase.  According to McKenzie, the city would like that to take effect after contract savings become apparent, while the union would like it to take effect at an earlier fixed date.

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