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City Council to Vote on Footer Dye Works Building

March 12th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

In what be a rare occurance that could see an action approved by the city of Cumberland by just two of the five sitting council members- the Mayor and City Council tonight is expected to offer a vote of support for an application to place the Footer Dye Works building on the Maryland Historic Registry.  Mayor Brian Grim, who serves on the Canal Place authority, and councilwoman Nicole Wagoner, who is employed by a tenant of Canal Place, have recused themselves from the vote based on conflict of interest- leaving just three members of the council to vote on whether or not to support the application. The future of the aging structure has been subject to debate for several years now, with some wanting to see it intact for potential commercial development opportunities- while others want to see it demolished. Those philosophical differences were clear during recent public discussions on the matter.

2 Responses to “City Council to Vote on Footer Dye Works Building”

  1. March 12, 2013 at 10:31 am, Dale said:

    People need to send a last minute message to the City Council to tear down the building by signing the online petition at


  2. March 12, 2013 at 10:53 am, Dale said:

    Tonight, the City Council will vote on preservation of the Footer Dye Works Building in downtown and whether to continue to pump endless amounts of money into a proven failure of a project. Mayor Grim and Councilwoman Wagner have stepped out of the vote because of conflicts of interest, but Councilmen Kauffman, Scarpelli, and Caporale will be casting votes.

    This vote will be tied to each of those three when they run for re-election. I am not a single issue voter, but if these three men vote to continue this government waste, it will be a clear indication of just how OUT OF TOUCH each of them really is with the people they represent. I would have to think twice about every voting in favor of Kauffman, Scarpelli, or Caporale again if they are so wasteful with taxpayer dollars.

    It’s been two weeks since the city talked about the Footer Building and tonight they will vote on it. Tell Kauffman, Scarpelli and Caporale right now, to do the right thing and vote “NO” to saving the Footer Building by signing the petition at

    Andy Vick has told me that the building is structurally safe and he claims that he is working hard to make it useful. We’ve heard all of that before, Andy!…from you! You even called the RFP a “game changer” in the newspaper and on WCBC. Well, the game has not changed, we see through you, and the building is still a taxpayer’s black hole, sucking down our state and local money.

    Andy Vick wants to continue this money pit! Our city representatives have the opportunity to say “no.” Tell them you don’t want this money pit to continue in our downtown area!

    Sign the petition right now, before it’s too late to be heard. Call Kauffman, Scarpelli and Caporale today and tell them not to waste any more taxpayer dollars on this failure. Raze it and let’s make good use of the property!


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