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City Councilman Urges Longer Store Hours Downtown

August 19th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Cumberland City Councilman David Kauffman, a former business owner downtown, said he believes one of the keys to improving the business climate on the mall is by having more stores extend their hours of operation. Kauffman, who ran a music store on the mall for several years, said that about 80 percent of tourists to an area are most active shopping on weekends, evenings and holidays and there is little business activity on the mall at those times.

One Response to “City Councilman Urges Longer Store Hours Downtown”

  1. August 19, 2012 at 10:30 am, joe robosson said:

    all I can say is if you wnat more business in the downtown area.. Quit charging for parking… I dont shop down town because of that reason… Quit building garages that people have to pay to park in… I wont spend money to park if I need it to put toward the items I need to buy… as far as the hours go… Go back to the Blue law.. No stores open on Sundays… This will brings families closer together again and you will probably see more people out and about shopping the other days of the weeks… another thing.. You have to have jobs in the area for people to spend money here… Lower the taxs on the companies here and they can hire more people to work .. Those people will have money to shop… So lower the taxes on companies here and the ones who wnat to come here.. quit charging for parking…and go back to the blue law on sundays… oh yes.. and quit fighting people who want to open explicit night clubs here in Allegany county.. it is time for Allegany to catch up .. This county is so far behind on times… No wonder everyone leaves here after the graduate…Really a shame how far behind and they way this county is going.. Down hill…
    Thnaks for letting me share..


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