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City Police Make DUI Arrest

December 17th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

On Sunday December 16, 2018 an officer from the Cumberland Police Department was monitoring traffic in the area of Harrison and S. Liberty St.  While monitoring traffic the officer observed a vehicle commit multiple traffic violations.  The officer then conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at which time the operator stopped, exited the vehicle, and began quickly walking away. The operator was advised to stop but refused to abide by the officers directions. Due to the officer’s observations of the operator’s driving pattern, actions, and demeanor, the officer suspected the driver to be driving impaired. Officers continued to attempt to get the operator to return back to the vehicle, but the operator refused. Officers then pursued the operator who had now begun creating a disturbance and yelling at officers. As the officers approached the driver he continued to be defiant and would not comply with any instructions. Upon contacting the operator, officers confirmed their suspicions and attempted to place the operator into custody. However, the operator refused to cooperate and resisted their attempt place him under arrest.  After a brief struggle officers were able to gain control of the subject and take him into custody.  Despite being in custody the operator continued to create a disturbance and struggle with officers. Officers were later able to identify the operator at police headquarters as Derek Miller, age 24, of Pennsylvania.  Miller was charged with numerous traffic and DUI related charges as well as Obstructing and Hindering, Resisting Arrest and Intoxicated Public Disturbance.  Miller was later transported to District Court for his Initial Appearance and released on his own recognizance pending trial.  

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