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City Police Respond to Disturbance Calls

February 18th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

Domestic Assault Arrest

On 02/17/16 Cumberland Police Officers were dispatched to a Bedford Street residence for a disturbance.  Upon their arrival the Officers spoke to the female resident.  She stated an argument began inside the residence when she denied her son the use of her vehicle.  Her son, Frankie Clark II, then began yelling and arguing.  Clark II and another male then began to argue about the incident and then the argument allegedly turned physical.  While Clark II was yelling he stated he was swinging his arms.  Sometime during the incident Clark II struck the female victim, causing a visible bruise on the female’s eye.  Clark II was placed under arrest for Assault in the second degree and was transported to the Cumberland Police Department.  Clark II was transported to the Allegany County Commissioner’s Office and was later transported to the Allegany County Detention Center awaiting his Initial Appearance.
Frankie Clark II                                              Age:23                                    Cumberland, MD
Charges: Assault-Second Degree

Disturbance Arrest

On 02/17/16 Officers responded to the area of Frederick Street for a reported disturbance.  They located a male and a female who was pushing a stroller.  As they approached the male jumped in front of their vehicle, held his arms out towards the vehicle and begin yelling.  Witnesses to the incident told Officers that the male, Brian Fisher, had been arguing with and yelling at the female.  Brian Fisher continued to yell and was told on three separate occasions to keep the noise down.  Fisher was advised to leave the area, not to have any contact with the female and to stop causing a disturbance.  As he was leaving the area he continued to yell.  At that point Brian Fisher was placed under arrest and transported to the Cumberland Police Department.  Fisher was issued a criminal citation and was released pending trial in Allegany County District Court.
Brian Fisher                                                     Age:26                                    Cumberland, MD
Charges: Disorderly Conduct


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