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Claims of Alleged KKK Incidents in Garrett County Found Not Credible

December 24th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The Garrett County Sheriff’s office, finding no credible evidence, have closed a case of a Middle Eastern family claiming to have been subjected to several racists incidents at Deep Creek Lake in mid December. It began when an email circulated on social media detailing  a series of occurrences the family claims they experienced during their recent trip to the area. They stayed in a Limpopo Lane property managed by a rental company. The alledged incidents included hearing sounds coming from a wooded area; the sounds of footsteps on a back deck; individuals driving by and make “suspiscious” eye contact; and the appearance of an individual wearing a KKK style white gown and pointed hood with a red cross. The family told authorities they cut their stay short out of fear of any further incidents. On Thursday the Garrett County Sheriff’s office reported that an investigated had been completed with no evidence of the claims found or other witnesses coming forward. The case is now closed.