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Commissioners Move Up Vote For Capital Improvement Projects List

September 15th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

Having received a recommendation from staff and having heard for several weeks from the public- the Allegany County Commissioners have moved up a vote to approve the county’s Capital Improvement Projects list. Originally the commissioners announced that a vote was scheduled for the September 22nd meeting, however the item does appear the agenda of today’s meeting with a vote expected. While usually a routine process, it has been somewhat controversial this year as the commissioners and board of education have butted heads over the placement and priority of a new Allegany High School. Replacing Allegany is the school board’s No. 1 capital projects priority; however the commissioners took some time before announcing that Allegany would be included on its list, with funding to begin in 2015. There have even been accusations made by some in the community that the commissioners were not interested in seeing a new school funded. It’s a charge that all three commissioners vehemently deny. Commissioner Creade Brodie Jr said that while the commissioners have raised some questions about the timing and the cost of the project, they have never expressed any opposition to the project…

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