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Comptroller Franchot Continues Fighting Measure That Would Strip Him Of Certain Regulatory Powers

March 8th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Maryland's comptroller continues to fight a measure proposed by a fellow Democrat that would strip regulatory powers over alcohol, tobacco and gasoline from his office, describing the bill as "the very darkest motivations of the Annapolis machine."  Although Franchot is a Democrat, he has been at odds with the Democratic leadership that controls the General Assembly. Franchot believes his advocacy for reforming the state's alcohol laws in support of craft brewers and small businesses has brought "petty retribution" from lawmakers who support big corporations. On Thursday, Franchot’s chief of staff Len Foxwell met with owners of craft brewery operations and wineries during the regular meeting of the Greater Cumberland Committee. He says that like every other issue in Maryland- the big three counties with the most political clout- are not interested in how rural parts of the state are being impacted…


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