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Comptroller Franchot to Convene First Meeting of e-facts Task Force on Dec. 3

November 26th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot will convene the first meeting of the e-facts Task Force on Electronic Smoking Devices (ESDs) on Tuesday, December 3rd at the University of Maryland, College Park. 

The membership roster includes stakeholders from across Maryland, including public health experts, industry representatives, business owners, educational scholars, students and elected officials from both parties. 

Citing an alarming number of reports about serious illnesses, lung disease and deaths that are attributable to vaping, the Comptroller in October announced the creation of the e-facts task force to examine the public health and safety implications of electronic smoking devices. 

As Maryland's chief tobacco regulator, the Comptroller is charged with safeguarding public health, protecting consumers and keeping dangerous products out of the hands of children.

Meetings will continue into early 2020 with a goal of producing a final report and submitting suggested legislation to the Maryland General Assembly during the upcoming legislative session. 

The objectives of the task force are:

  • To achieve a better understanding of the nature and characteristics of ESDs, including the distinctions between various products within the marketplace;
  • To gain a comprehensive picture of the public health and safety impacts of ESDs and commercial effects of product sales in Maryland;

To recommend new and stronger laws to ensure that consumers — particularly young people — are protected.

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