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Cost Of Restoring Former Locomotive No. 1309 Continues To Rise

August 7th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

The cost of restoring former Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2 No. 1309 continues to rise, but John Garner, superintendent of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad said this week that he's determined to see the project through.  Garner told Train News Wire that the 1309 project has been a huge project that's eating us out of house and home”. He said that is unfortunate, but it is honest.  The price tag now is $1.8 million.  When asked if he had been superintendent in 2014, would he have bought the locomotive? Garner bluntly says “no” he would not have. The purchase was the brainchild of former superintendent Mike Gresham. In a telephone interview with WCBC News this week Gresham said he would agree with Garner at this point- but only because ridership is significantly off from a few years ago….


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