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County Commissioners Reflect Back On Year

December 28th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

It’s been  a year since Michael McKay, William Valentine and Creade Brodie Jr. were sworn in as Allegany County commissioners- and reflecting back, all three first time elected officials say it’s been challenging and  rewarding.  The commissioners to a man say that it has been the change in the culture of county government, as well as creating a more constituent friendly atmosphere  that stand out rather than any specific accomplishments or issues. There has been no shortage of key issues, and controversial matters to address in their first year including: the re-unification of the sheriffs department; funding for a new school; pushing for a new animal shelter; tip jars, paper gaming and Rocky Gap are all items that have taken turns generating headlines. In a recent interview with WCBC News, Commissioner Valentine was asked to rate the new board’s performance for the first year on a scale of one to ten…

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