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County Moving Cardboard & Paper Recylcing

July 12th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

On Friday, July 29, 2016, Allegany County Government’s cardboard/paperboard recycling site is moving from LaVale Plaza to the Life Fitness Management (Staples/Grand China Buffet) parking lot, 1228 National Highway, LaVale. The last day to drop off cardboard/paperboard at LaVale Plaza is Thursday, July 28, 2016.

The site at Life Fitness Management will expand and citizens will be able to recycle newspapers, magazines/catalogues, rinsed mixed metal cans, and flattened cardboard/paperboard all in one, centralized location.

Here are important general recycling guidelines:

  • There are separate recycling bins – one for each individual recyclable material – do not mix the different recycling materials.
  • Put only the recyclable material itself in the recycling bin. This important guideline is frequently overlooked.   If you take recyclable materials to the recycling bin in paper bags, plastic bags, boxes, etc., do not put the paper bags, plastic bags, boxes, etc. in the recycling bin. If you tie up paper items into bundles, remove the string/twine before putting the paper items in the recycling bin – do not put the string/twine in the recycling bin.

Here are important specific recycling guidelines for items to recycle at the Life Fitness Management parking lot location:

Newspapers: Accepted: clean, dry newspapers and the inserts in newspapers, paperback and telephone books with covers removed

Magazines/Catalogues: Accepted: clean, dry, glossy printed paper

Mixed Metal Cans: Accepted: rinsed aluminum/steel/tin food and beverage cans with labels

Cardboard/Paperboard: Accepted: flat, clean, dry cardboard/paperboard with labels, staples, and/or tape. NOT Accepted: laminated/waxed cardboard/paperboard, packing materials.

NOTE: Corrugated cardboard is two heavy layers of cardboard with a ribbed middle section/waffle layer. Paperboard is flat: cereal box, 6 pack beverage container.

Questions? Contact Allegany County Recycling Coordinator Siera Wigfield,

301-777-5933 X 210, or visit:

Allegany County Government appreciates the effort of all recyclers and encourages individuals, business, and other entities to practice source reduction and recycling in all activities. Please reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost!


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