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Criticism Of Tea Party Has Grown In Recent Weeks

September 8th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

Criticism of the Tea Party and its movement has been growing in recent weeks- with everyone from Teamsters President James Hoffa Jr, to Vice President Joe Biden painting a picture of an out of touch, extremist group that practices racism and hatred. The Tea Party’s momentum reached a high point during last year’s mid-term elections with many of the movement’s candidates being elected nationwide. According to a founding member of one of Allegany County’s Tea Party groups, the critics are making such accusations out of fear. Mary Miltenberger, on WCBC’s “Jim Drake Show” Wednesday morning said that the traditional main stream two party system always attempts to destroy the credibility of any group that threatens their power base…

One Response to “Criticism Of Tea Party Has Grown In Recent Weeks”

  1. September 10, 2011 at 3:41 pm, Joe said:

    James Hoffa should keep his mouth shut, cause he had three charges of Bribery against him, the only reason he is still in office is,the three high Union Officals said No.

    James Hoffa promised the three men High Payed Office on his Team to Throw the TEAMSTERS GENERAL ELECTION, Hoffa is afraid of losing the Election for Teamster President,cause he knows he can`t ride on DADDYS COAT TAIL ANYMORE.

    The Teamsters Membership is fed up with him. Running us in the ground, giving away every thing James Hoffa SR. worked for


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