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Cumberland Men Arrested On Assault Charges

November 5th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

On November 4th, 2019 officers of the Cumberland Police Department responded to a Wills Creek Avenue address for a reported check on well being. When the officer arrived they observed Alexander Wolfgang Baker return back into the residence, and then exit the residence again. The officer attempted to speak with Alexander Baker but he lit a mortar style firework and threw it at the officer, with it exploding in close proximity to the officer. Alexander Baker then threw a second lit mortar at the officer, and he fled back into the residence.

Frederick Laing Jacob Baker then began to approach and confront the Officer about the incident. Frederick Baker then stated that Alexander Baker must have left the residence. Officers observed Frederick Baker to have an unlit mortar in his hand, which they attempted to confiscate when Frederick Baker threw the firework at another officer. Frederick Baker was advised he was under arrest and after a brief struggle he was placed into custody and charged with discharging fireworks without permit, obstructing and hindering, assault second degree, and resisting arrest.

The Cumberland Fire Marshall responded to the scene and advised that the mortars that Alexander Baker and Frederick Baker were in possession of were illegal in the State of Maryland. After further investigation by the State Fire Marshall’s Office, it was learned that the mortar thrown at the officer by Frederick Baker had been previously ignited.

Frederick Baker was remanded to the Allegany County Detention Center where he was released on his own recognizance by a District Court Commissioner.

An application for charges was submitted and an Arrest Warrant was issued for Alexander Baker by a District Court Commissioner. A short time later, officers were able to locate Alexander Baker at his residence and take him into custody.

Alexander Baker was remanded to the Allegany County Detention Center where he was held without bond.

Frederick Laing Jacob Baker, age 61, Cumberland Maryland.

Alexander Wolfgang Baker, age 25, Cumberland Maryland.

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