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Cumberland Police Busy Over The Past 24 Hours

August 25th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Cumberland City Police responded to a number of incidents Friday into Saturday morning, including the following…

At approximately 1245am officers were called to a York Place residence for a disturbance. Officers arrived and could hear a female inside the residence yelling for help. Officers breached the door and upon entering observed a male subject holding a female subject. The victim was yelling for the police to assist her. Officers detained the male subject who was identified as Paul David Gower Jr. Officers interviewed both subjects and upon seeing injuries to the victim and the observations of officers once entering the residence Gower was placed under arrest. Gower was transported to police headquarters for processing and is currently at District Court for his initial appearance.

Paul David Gower Jr. 42 of Cumberland, MD   Charge: 2nd Degree Assault

At approximately 227am officers were called to a Fairmont Avenue for an assault involving a pipe. Officers arrived and located the victim bleeding on the front porch. Officers talked with the subject and learned that he had been assaulted while inside the residence with a heavy metal pipe with threaded ends. The Cumberland Fire Department was requested due to the injuries to the victim. The male victim indentified the female suspect. Officers made contact with Bethany Annette Montague inside the residence. Officers also observed signs of the assault all throughout the residence. The weapon which was used during the assault was also located. At the conclusion investigation Montague was placed under arrest. She was transported to police headquarters for processing. Montague is currently awaiting her initial appearance at the District Court Commissioner’s Office.

Bethany Annette Montague, age 29 of Cumberland, MD  Charges: 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, and Reckless Endangerment

At approximately 907pm officers were dispatched to a Fayette Street residence for a report of an assault. Officers learned that the victims inside the residence had locked themselves in a room due to suspect still being inside. Officers arrived and heard a female yelling for assistance inside the residence. Officers entered the residence making contact with the parties involved. Due to the nature and the information provided to officers Chad Burton Burgress was detained pending further investigation. Officers spoke with the female in the residence. Officers observed physical signs of injuries to the victim. Burgress was placed under arrest without incident. Burgress was taken to police headquarters for processing and to await a hearing in District Court. Once he was taken before the Commissioner Burgress was released pending trial at a later date.

Chad Burton Burgress, age 26 of Cumberland, MD

Charge: 2nd Degree Assault

At approximately 1100pm officers were called to a Virginia Avenue residence for an assault involving a knife. Officers arrived and made contact with both parties involved. The male subject had visible signs of injuries to his person. Officers did not locate a knife and found that it was not involved in the assault. At the conclusion of their investigation officers placed Chelsie Renee Ruby under arrest for assault. She was transported to police headquarters for processing. Ruby was later taken before the District Court Commissioner where she was released pending trial at a later date.

Chelsie Renee Ruby, age 28 of Cumberland, MD

Charge: 2nd Degree Assault

At approximately 1136pm officers were called to Bedford Street near Marshall Street for a female yelling and causing a disturbance. Officers arrived and located Jennifer Anne Webster. She was told by officers to lower her voice and keep the peace. Webster continued to yell at the police. The officers instructed her to leave the area and to keep the noise level down. Webster refused to comply and continued to yell. Several people who live in the area came outside due to Webster’s actions. Webster was placed under arrest and transported to Police Headquarters for processing. She was later released from custody pending trial in District Court.

Jennifer Anne Webster, age 54 of Cumberland, MD

Charges: Intoxicated/Public Disturbance, and Disorderly Conduct


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