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Cumberland Police Debunks Abduction Rumor

October 3rd, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Police Department was contacted today at 2:56pm by a juvenile female who had been walking in the area of Furnace Street. 

The juvenile female was aware of her surroundings and made note of a white in color pickup truck parked in the area.  The operator was acting in a suspicious manner and watched her as she walked.  The vehicle drove around the area and appeared in areas where she would walk.  At one point the vehicle operator put down his window, smiled and waved at the female.  The operator never attempted to lure the female into the vehicle.  When the female fled the area the vehicle also left the area.  Officers with the Cumberland Police Department investigated the incident and found no immediate danger to the public.

The Cumberland Police Department has also been notified that there is a post circulating on social media that implies that a juvenile female has been abducted referencing the same set of facts outlined above.  At this time no reports of an abduction have been reported.


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