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Curbside Recycling in the City of Cumberland

August 30th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Burgundy Recycling Bins are provided to make recycling easy and accessible to all City of Cumberland trash customers.  These bins are for easy collection of Co-Mingle Containers Recycling.  On your first trash collection day each week, set out your recycling bin (co-mingled recycling) which may include household containers: Plastics #1, 2, 4, 5, & 7, Glass bottles/jars, metal/aluminum cans.  No plastic bags accepted for curbside recycling.


The burgundy recycling bins are property of Burgmeier’s Hauling and for use within the City of Cumberland only.  Recycling bins are issued to Cumberland properties and must remain with the property for which they were issued.  Please do not remove these bins from the City.  If relocating to Cumberland, there should be a recycling bin available for use at each property.  If there is not, please call 301-777-0416 ext 2402 to request a recycling bin.


Mixed Paper Recycling is collected on your second trash day each and every week.  Simply flatten and bundle papers and place on you curbside. Mixed Paper Recycling includes: news papers, office paper/junk mail, magazines and cardboard boxes.  All cardboard boxes must be emptied, flattened and bundled to be accepted for recycling.  Soiled paper products are not accepted for recycling. 


Please visit or call 301-759-6604 for more information on curbside recycling or special collection events

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