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Death Of 9 Dogs Brings About Changes With How Calls Are Handled

September 8th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The death of 9 dogs in an abandoned home in Bel Air has shone a spotlight on the animal shelter management foundation and the animal control board.  Neighbors to the home made repeated calls to the animal shelter alerting the shelter to the situation- however no response came for weeks, and by that time nine of the 14 dogs left in the vacant home had died. Foundation President Becky McClarran reported last month that several immediate steps have been taken to improve communications and to ensure that prompt responses to any such calls will occur from this date forward. In addition she is heading a committee that is developing a comprehensive plan that will be put into action. While there is belief in some segments of the community that there is ill will between the Animal Control Board and the Management Foundation- McClarran says that is not the case…


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