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Debate Over ‘Front Funding’ New Allegany

November 4th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Strides have been made by the Allegany County Board of Education to reduce the cost of the proposed new Allegany High School project- with the best guess estimate now around $53 million. While that is still short of the available dollars, the funding package is inching closer to reality. Concerns remain however, particularly about the terms of the $10 million in additional monies the state has offered.  Commissioners President Bill Valentine has said the state wants the county to “front fund” the $10 million without offering the county any terms in writing on how the money will be paid back.  It was a topic he raised during this week’s public forum on the project.  School Board Vice President Ed Root said that while there is nothing in writing at this point, IAC executive director David Lever has offered assurances that any funding fronted by the county would be re-imbursed within a reasonable time frame…


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