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Delaney Camp Touts Debate Performance Reviews

June 28th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

At Wednesday's Democratic preidential debate, former 6th District Congressman John Delaney was on a crowded stage, and his campaign believes he gained ground by highlighting his universal health care system that preserves private options, his living wage plan, and his $4 trillion climate plan.

Delaney also emphasized real solutions over impossible promises during his closing statement.

The Delaney Campaign pointed to reviews from a number of sources:
“This makes sense as policy and politics. @JohnDelaney gave the best health care answer.” – @ScottPetersSD
“This would be the knock-out blow to climate change. Thanks @JohnDelaney for making the case.” – @JAHIMES
“Strong performance tonight from @JohnDelaney. His bipartisan carbon tax plan is the kind of policy we need to move our country forward, and he’s got a realistic plan to tackle the addiction crisis. NBC should give his ideas more time.” – @davidjtrone
“Ok. @JohnDelaney with real policy solutions and some personal background. He’s answering questions. Delaney is prepared.” – @Bakari_Sellers
“John Delaney had the best answer of the night.” – @NoahCRothman

“Delaney has smartest line of the night so far: We should be the party that fixes what's broken, not things that are working. How many on the stage agree? #DemDebate” -@KimStrassel
“John Delaney just had his moment” - @kristindonnelly
“I think both @BilldeBlasio & @JohnDelaney are having great nights. You can @ me.” – @davecatanese
“During first commercial break the majority of the people in my Gen X watching room were most impressed with…. @JohnDelaney – You heard it here first  #DemDebate” – @DrJasonJohnson
“Great answer at the #DemocraticDebates about addressing #climatechange from @JohnDelaney: "All the economists agree that a price on a carbon works. You just have to do it right… the money has to go back to the American people." #PriceOnPollution #BipartisanClimate” – @citizensclimate
“Delaney doing some realkeeping here on Medicare for All. Needed.” – @joshgerstein


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