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Despite Low Polling, Delaney Presses On

January 6th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Today, former Maryland 6th District Congressman John Delaney lays out his ten ideas that are the foundation of his campaign for the White House and reflect his views on how to improve our nation through bipartisan and workable solutions. Delaney, born into a blue-collar family, became the youngest CEO of a New York Stock Exchange company, created thousands of jobs and was ranked the third most bipartisan Democrat in Congress because he is a problem solver with big ideas. 

1. Double the EITC: The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a proven pro-worker tax benefit that is effective, rewards work and targets the people who need it most: Americans who are trying to get into the middle class. Delaney’s Workers’ Tax Credit Plan expands the EITC so more 14 million more households can live the American Dream.

2. Carbon Fee and Dividend: A carbon fee and dividend is the centerpiece of Delaney’s $4 trillion climate plan, which will get the US to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The carbon fee will create market incentives to speed the transition to renewable energy sources and hasten the move away from fossil fuels. Because 100% of the revenues will be returned to the American people as an equal dividend, Delaney’s carbon fee and dividend is the only way to put a price on carbon emissions without putting a financial burden on working families.

3. BetterCare: Delaney has the only universal health care plan that guarantees every American free, high-quality government health care coverage as a right while still preserving private insurance options. BetterCare also establishes parity between physical and mental health and boosts support for coverage for at-risk populations and rural communities.

4. Infrastructure: Rebuilding America’s crumbling roads, bridges, highways, ports and other critical transportation structures will put America on solid economic footing and help create good jobs all across the country. Delaney’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan will create an infrastructure bank to support state and local government investments, increase the Highway Trust Fund, establish a climate infrastructure fund, and create five new matching funds to support projects that address specific infrastructure needs.

5. Universal Pre-K: Children who attend Pre-K enjoy better outcomes throughout their educational careers, with higher test scores, better language development, and fewer behavioral problems. To ensure all children have the opportunity to reap the benefits of expanded early education, Delaney has proposed a free universal Pre-K program for every four year-old in the United States.

6. Invest In Innovation: Every year fewer people live in poverty because of innovation. For every issue, such as curing Alzheimer’s and cancer, solving climate change, and eliminating poverty and hunger, we need to make massive investments in research and innovation to harness computing power and big data to solve the world’s problems. This is what the United States does best, and we need robust federal policies to reward innovation and entrepreneurship.

7. Fix Rural America: Rural America is struggling and it has been drained of opportunities, investment, and jobs. Delaney’s Heartland Fair Deal includes policies that will encourage young people to remain in rural communities, provide help for entrepreneurs and farmers, and ensure that businesses in rural areas receive fair consideration for government contracts. The Heartland Fair Deal also makes investments in tele-health and community health centers that will improve access to health care in rural areas.

8. Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Rules-based trade is a critical component of United States foreign and economic policy. Entering the TPP will give the US more economic leverage in Asia to set fair rules for trade and counter anti-competitive Chinese practices, while also ensuring that American farmers and manufacturers have stable access to the global market. Delaney will join TPP and end the Trump administration’s destructive trade wars.

9. National Service: To bring our terribly divided country together and restore a sense of shared purpose, Delaney has proposed a new national service program that includes community service, infrastructure apprenticeships, and a climate corps. Participants would have the opportunity to learn new skills and earn professional certifications, meet people from different backgrounds, and receive two years of free in-state tuition or technical training.

10. Digital Privacy: Ensuring that tech companies, and other industries that operate online, protect people’s privacy is critical. Delaney is calling for federal digital privacy legislation, modeled after the California Consumer Privacy Act, that will strengthen protections for minors and promote transparency so adults can make informed choices about how to protect their privacy. Delaney’s plan also includes the first-ever federal funding for research into how technology affects the development of infants, children and adolescents.

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