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Dig Deep Brewery Owner Looks Forward to Opening Despite Setbacks

February 21st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Having missed a number of projected start-up dates in the past year- the owner of Dig Deep Brewery is understandably reluctant to make any new announcements- but the hope is that the operation will be open for business by Saint Patrick’s Day.  Robert Dettinburn tells WCBC News that the installation of equipment  has essentially been completed and just a few more details need to be ironed out before  the city's latest craft beer brewery will be operating  in the Footer's Dye Works Building. The pub and eatery will be on the first floor of the historic Footer building at Canal Place. Dettinburn said, barring any unforeseen issues, he plans to welcome customers soon with a grand opening sometime in the next few weeks. He said while the various setbacks have been frustrating- those are in the past and he looks forward to the ribbon cutting…

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  1. mac:

    I previously left a comment asking if there would be patron parking or the paid lot at Canal Place only. It has been deleted. I will not frequent this business if they can’t establish their own parking lot. Other places do.

  2. Bob:

    “Hope” has long been the foundation of local government strategy and we have all seen how that has served us. It also seems to be the bedrock of Dig Deep’s stated business plans but at least a pub can be ignored more easily than collapsing infrastructure.

  3. Ed Dodrill:

    I thought this was suppose to open last summer?

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