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Discrepancy in Election numbers clarified

November 4th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

An apparent discrepancy between the final voting numbers released by the Allegany County Board of Elections and the numbers released by the state of Maryland  has now been resolved. The final county numbers released after 10 pm Tuesday had Crystal Bender, Tammy Fraley and David Bohn finishing as the top three- apparenty winnings seats on the board. Ed Root, according to those county numbers finished out of the running. But overnight state numbers, which included early vote totals, election day votes and the mail-in votes that have been counted , showed Root finishing third edging out Bohn. It turns out the state, although listing the results last night at 100% for Allegany County, turned out to be only partial numbers. That situation has now been clarified and corrected with the state’s numbers now matching the county totals- with Bender, Fraley and Bohn winning seats on the board.