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Downtown Mall, FSU, Animal Shelter all included in Governor’s Capital Budget

January 24th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Delegate Jason Buckel announced Tuesday that Governor Larry Hogan’s proposed FY2018 Capital Budget includes funding for several major projects in Allegany County. $500,000 has been included in the Capital Budget for the City of Cumberland to help fund the City’s Downtown Redevelopment Plan, which ultimately will include renovation and repurposing of the M&T Bank building as well as improvements to Baltimore Street and the Downtown Cumberland Mall. Frostburg State University has received additional funding directed toward the design and construction of its new Education Professions and Health Sciences Center, a project with an anticipated overall cost of nearly $90 million that is targeted to be completed in 2021. Frostburg State is receiving an additional  $1 million dollars to supplement last year’s budgeted amount of $2 million to complete the design and planning phase of the project. The new Education Professions and Health Sciences Center will allow Frostburg State to offer additional degree programs including those focused on professional degrees in the nursing, physician assistant, and health sciences fields.


The Allegany County Animal Shelter is also slated to receive $500,000 under the proposed Capital Budget, and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad will receive $400,000 directed to its ongoing efforts to refurbish its steam train engines and maintain operations. In addition to these funds currently allocated in the Capital Budget, the Allegany County Delegation has prepared legislation requesting the allocation of bond funds to assist in the construction of a statue and memorial in Frostburg to honor coal miners and the history of the coal mining industry in that community, as well as bond funds to renovate the Cumberland YMCA Youth Center located on Kelly Road.


“I am pleased the Governor has put money in the budget for the projects started in Allegany County. Governor Hogan had been very receptive to funding project requests from the county. I am sure he will continue his support into the future.” said Senator George Edwards. Delegate Mike McKay (R – Allegany/Washington) remarked that “I am very happy to see that several projects in Allegany County were funded in the Capital Budget. I have worked diligently to ensure that these funds would be included, and I will continue to do so for projects in the future”.


“Once again the FY 2018 Capital Budget clearly demonstrates that Governor Hogan is fulfilling his promise to address the needs of the rural areas of the State.  I serve on the House Appropriation Committee, which must review and act on the budget. I will support the Governor’s budget and seek to ensure that these projects are fully funded in the budget bill that passes the House,” said Delegate Wendell Beitzel (R – Allegany/Garrett). “Governor Hogan has proven over and over again to be a great partner and great friend for Allegany County. I’m particularly pleased that the Frostburg State University project that will create jobs and opportunities in our region for years to come has remained a priority in the Capital Budget,” remarked Delegate Jason Buckel (R – Allegany).


Senator Edwards, Delegate Beitzel, and Delegate McKay all serve on the Senate and House budget committees, and Senator Edwards and Delegate Beitzel serve directly on the Capital budget subcommittees.

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